Half-Price Travel Voucher Program Information


As a Door County resident, you may be eligible to purchase a five-pack of $1.00 vouchers for $2.50, or a ten-pack of $1.00 vouchers for $5.00 or a $5.00 face value voucher for $2.50 and/or a $10.00 face value voucher for $5.00.  The voucher program allows you to access affordable transportation through the use of dependable local providers. You may purchase up to $200.00 face value vouchers per month at a cost to you of $100.00.

To get started you may complete the Program Application. You may drop off or mail the completed application to Door-Tran located in the Bay Ridge Plaza, 1009 Egg Harbor Road, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235. 

Businesses/Agencies/Community Groups

You now have the opportunity to purchase transportation vouchers through Door-Tran.  This opportunity may save you time and paperwork in the future.  Once you have submitted a Program Registration, you may begin purchasing vouchers.  

Your organization will need to purchase the vouchers at full-price; however you may decide to sell the vouchers for half-price to your customers or give them out at no cost.  This may be a benefit to your customers with transportation barriers to get to your place of business.  

You may drop off or mail the completed application to Door-Tran located at 1009 Egg Harbor Road, P.O. Box 181, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235-0181.

Half-Price Gas Voucher or D2D Ticket Services

Door-Tran has some funding available to assist individuals who are employed or seeking employment with fuel costs for their travel. These funds are limited and are on a first come first serve basis. If interested, complete the Program Application.

Door-Tran also has some limited funds to assist with fuel or D2D Rides tickets for individuals who are age 60 or more or who have, or are caring for, someone with dimentia. The same Program Application can be used for these services.

For more information please contact Door-Tran staff at
(920) 743-9999 or mobility@door-tran.org.