Vehicle Loan

Vehicle Purchase/Repair Loan Program

Door-Tran’s Vehicle Purchase/Repair Program began January 2, 2014 to allow income-eligible individuals to purchase or repair a car so that they are able to get to work, school, etc. Eligibility to receive a loan is measured by household income that meets 150% Federal Poverty Level (FPL) or below, the person must be employed a minimum of 20 or more hours per week, and complete a budget assessment. A breakdown of the income levels and additional eligibility information for a 0% interest loan is listed in the Vehicle Loan Program Application

Vehicle Purchase Loans can be provided for purchase with a dealership or private party. All loans must pass blue book and vehicle inspection before the loan is approved by the Mobility Manager Assistant. 20% down payment required; assistance may be available for those who qualify. The Purchase Loan has an 18-month payback schedule and may be up to $3,000.

Vehicle Repair Loans can only be provided for work being completed at a certified garage. The blue book value of the vehicle will also be checked in addition to review of two written estimates. A down payment is also required and assistance may be available for those who qualify as well.  The Repair Loan has a six month payback schedule and may be up to $550.

For more information please contact Door-Tran staff at
(920) 743-9999 or [email protected]

“This project is funded in part by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) as authorized under 49 U.S.C. § 5311, 5307, or 23 U.S.C 149(CFDA 20.205, 20.207, or 20.205)”.

Vehicle Repair Grant Program

Door-Tran serves Door County residents with vehicle repair grants to meet their need for reliable transportation. The Mobility Manager will help eligible clients secure a grant for up to $500 to repair their vehicle. Clients who are eligible for the vehicle repair loan will not be considered for grant funding. Funds are limited and distributed on a first-come first-served basis. Vehicle Repair Grant Application